Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hey we don't live here anymore......

We're very busy with Leela Frog, and work, and straightening out the house (baby proofing) and dealing with health problems of pets. We still keep in touch with Aughra- you all know where she's at, and sometimes we post at a blog just for Leela. But as far as Foxglove and her Formulary...

It's pretty much closed for business. thanks for all the memories folks-

feel free to stop by and visit Leela's blog- just remember, it's her website now, so it's more family friendly, like? Best wishes to all of you.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Brief Update

Leela doing great.

She's 4 months old, now weighing 13 lbs and 10 oz and measuring 23" tall. She loves to play in her exersaucer which has 12.756 bells and whistles on it and is so entertaining I wish I had one to hang out in. She's also eating cereal, as you can see by the photo.

I've got a new job at new hospital- still psychiatric nursing, but a really nice hospital. They've been listed on the "best places to work" lists in our area several times- all the nurses I work with are really nice and everyone loves their jobs. It's a really nice change. I'm very happy there- it's just hard cause I miss seeing my Bug and my Leela!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Multimedia message

Hands Taste Good.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Leela's Day

5:15 pm. After hours of freaking out. Sleep is her enemy.

and then...

5:20 pm. A solid 5 minutes of sleep and she's ready for more. I am ready for the sleep!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leela Wears Jeans


I've given up on shopping for myself as I still look pregnant, so I'm focusing on Leela. She however, still hates when clothes are pulled over her head. We're working on it.

This shirt (actually it's a onesie) was gotten for her from one of Bug's coworkers, who has immaculate taste in baby shopping. She wants to do personal shopping for people as a job, instead of her soul sucking job she has now. As soon as I become insanely wealthy, I will hire her.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Leela Frog Update

It's happy baby. Her test went great. She was very brave. She'll be taking antibiotics daily to make sure she doesn't get another UTI...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Leela Gets Parole!

My little Leela Frog was paroled from pediatric unit on Sunday night. She's doing much better now at home, getting her yummy creamsicle flavored amoxicillin twice a day and showing off her tough girl bruises from all the needle sticks it took to start her IV. They eventually ended up putting in her foot. Poor Leela.

Next week she has to have a Voiding Cystourethogram to see if she has this condition that will lead to more UTIs and possibly pylonephritis, which is way sucky and we don't want. So the Leela Frog has to get another catheter on Tuesday. Foxglove will have ativan.

Leela wants to thank everyone for their get well wishes, especially Osbasso, who kindly let people know what was going on and got her more get well wishes than my blog alone would've. They really helped, so thank you everyone.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Leela in Hospital!

She had a fever of 103.6 this morning. She has since had a spinal tap, blood and urine cultures, and a urinalysis. She will be in the hospital for at least one week. We don't know what kind of infection she has yet but we do know that it is not meningitis. She doesn't seem to realize she is sick, she is still happy and sweet and alert. Please send her get well messages

Update: Leela has a UTI. SHe is getting antibiotics 4 times a day by IV. Her fever has been down for 24 hours. We're hoping to go home early next week. She is getting a new IV put in right now and it's making her cry a lot. Please send her get well messages!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An actual post

Leela Frog loves her Binky. She's very fickle though as each day it's different one that soothes. This is Soothie from the hospital. She also loves Avent and Mam.

Ok, I still have troubles with the new blogger. It took me 20 minutes to log in to leave a post on My Darling Aughra's blog, and I'm also missing my delete key which makes typing kind of a bitch. Leela is sleeping right now- I have about 150 photos which I'll eventually load to flickr, I just feel weird about having them by my HNTs, since my entire family will likely try to go look at the Leela pictures and I don't want to deal with them looking at those. Leela now weighs 8lb 6oz, which is what Aughra's kids were in utero. She's dainty.

Being a mom is weird- I still don't feel like a mother exactly- though I don't know what it feels like so maybe I do. I know that me and Bug prouddaddy3607 love her more than anything ever.

We went into the hospital on March 6th at about 10 am so I could get my amniocentesis to see if Leela's lungs were ready for her to come out, since she was only 38 weeks. The test came back good, so we got ready for surgery at about 7:15. My OB was there, as well as the nurse midwife from the practice who is absolutely wonderful= she spent so much time listening to me cry about the back pain and how scared I was to be a mom, and she was incredibly supportive. The day Leela was born she wasn't even on call, but she came in to be there for her birth anyway, which I think is pretty damn awesome. (Thanks Cris!) They brought me into the OR, gave me my spinal block, (they numbed me first which I appreciated) and then I lay down and waited for the numbing to set in. I was scared it wouldn't work and I'd feel slicing. Bug came in and sat behind my head as I literally sprayed bright yellow vomit during the entire process. When they told me they had her head out I cried "Yay! I'm not pregnant anymore!" My OB pointed out that I was still a little pregnant, but then they pulled the Leela out (no pain- the "pressure" I'd been told to expect just felt like I was wiggling my hips back and forth, like dancing) and lifted her up over me- and some ick dripped on me. She was funny looking. Then they sewed me back up, the anesthesiologist (also awesome) doped me a little more, and the next thing I knew Iw as in recovery and Bug was wheeling Leela in on her little cart.

I sweat more from puking than I did when I was a senior in high school and missed the required biannual mile run and had to a make up run in 99 degrees with 98% humidity. I also got a morphine PCA. That was neat. Bug and I roomed in with Leela, and he slept on the recliny chair. We had absolutely no idea what to do with her. We kept waiting for someone to give us instructions. She was sweet and didn't cry that much. I kept hitting my PCA button. It's like Jeopardy! "What is I AM IN A LOT OF PAIN NOW?". The next day the pain was much better, and they took away my morphine and gave me percocet and motrin. I was also happy to see that my massive belly had shrunk a great deal.

I will write more about Leela soon- the hospital stay was great, the nurses were all wonderful and the room was very nice- super sweet marble bathroom. It's now 3:37 AM and Leela is sleeping, so I should too.

Also- Bug is the greatest dad ever. He's super involved and supportive. The only way he could be better would be if he could lactate.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Happy Leela Frog